Our Autumn/Winter 17 collection is about protecting oneself in the Post Truth Era, uniforms for the disenchanted, disenfranchised and disengaged. Nothing is certain except the politics of unease and suspicion. Lies of a generation grip the systems of old, welcome to Project Fear. 

Ceremonial Scarves were designed & printed for the collection in collaboration with Design Lab Japan and feature a particular design that feels more relevant with this past weeks continuing developments; a star-less spangled banner adorned with simply ‘Post Truth Era’, reflecting today’s deceptive and divisive political landscape.

As President Trump has continued his assault on certain sections of society and it's values as a whole we present this design against his crimes to humanity. This graphic is completely free for you to download, use on your devices or indeed print it at any digital print company globally*. Please re-distribute, use in protest or hang on your wall in response to the new "Post Truth Era" we now find ourselves in.

Post Truth Era
2000mm X 1250mm
Ink on cotton

*Local print costs will apply.